Charley did an interview this past November for “Believe In Music”, a virtual event which is taking place this week.  His interview session (“Charley Pride in Conversation With Eric Dahl”) is slated to air this Friday, 1/22 @ 1:30pm ET / 10:30 AM PT during the virtual event.

The public is invited and there is no cost to attend. But you need to register at  in order to watch Charley’s interview and enjoy the rest of the programming during the event.

When filling out the registration form, you can just use your full name (or something else fun or clever) for the “Company” field and “Music Enthusiast” as “Job Title.”  Choose your location and then choose “Music Enthusiast” on the next page.  You can skip the rest of the questions and then submit the form.

The following is a direct link to the event, but you will need to be logged in for the link to work.

Believe in Music is a new virtual event from NAMM (the National Association of Music Merchants) which features a wide mix of artist interviews, product launches, industry training sessions, and music-making opportunities for its members. The event is designed to elevate the importance of music-making by bringing together the music global community, while also raising funds for those individuals most deeply impacted by the current pandemic.

In addition to the airing of Charley’s interview, there are conversations, live sessions & other special moments planned with many other artists including Garth Brooks, Roger McGuinn, Jackson Browne and Dave Navarro.  A full schedule can be found at the link above.